Do you or someone you know wear custom foot orthotics?

Welcome to Foot Companion!

We specialize in Custom Orthotics, Comfort and Orthopedic Footwear, and other Foot Health Products. We are passionate about foot health and we strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.

We work with many local practitioners to fabricate custom orthotics and braces via a prescription; we see walk-in clients at our shop, and we serve online customers with our foot health products and comfort footwear.

Roanoke location: 4246 Electric Rd. Roanoke, VA. 24018 Phone: 540-904-7823  
Richmond location: 11548 Busy Street, Richmond VA. 23236 Phone: 804-594-5542

Our staff includes pedorthists, expert runners, coaches and people that have spent many years helping runners, the elderly, diabetics and others overcome foot pain and discomfort. Our expert staff is trained in biomechanics, foot anatomy, custom orthotic fabrication, footwear technology, and gait analysis.

We offer the following Services:
Diabetic & Orthopedic Footwear - Foot Companion is the only retailer in Roanoke, VA that specializes in a wide variety of therapeutic footwear specially designed for Diabetics, especially those with peripheral neuropathy.  Our Certified Pedorthist is available 7 days a week to assist with your foot care needs. We have partnered with some of the best brands known for supportive and comfort shoes, including; Aetrex, Apex Shoes, Drew Shoe, Orthofeet & PW Minor.
Custom Orthotics - Fabricated from a mold of your feet to provide the best fit, support & function. Our custom orthotics are designed for people of all walks of life.
Comfort Shoes - Foot Companion, Inc. specializes in specialty walking shoes and accessories.  Visit our shop to get fitted for your best walking shoe yet.

Foot Health Products - We carry many foot health products to help with foot pain and discomfort including; pre-fabricated inserts, straps and braces.

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