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Plantar Fasciitis

Last Modified: 05/20/2013

Plantar fasciitis can cause severe pain in the heel area of your feet, especially early in the morning, just after you get off the bed. Plantar fasciitis is a very common injury that is associated with overuse of the plantar fascia.  The result is inflammation of the the tough, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) connecting the bottom of the calcaneaus to the base of the metatarsal heads.

Risk factors varies, but pregnant women, overweight individuals, active individuals or individuals with flat feet are more at risk due to the excess strain on the plantar fascia.  Pain can become intense during long periods of walking or standing as well as during exercise.

If plantar fasciitis isn't treated, it may become a chronic condition. You may not be able to keep up your level of activity, and you may develop symptoms of foot, knee, hip and back problems because plantar fasciitis can affect your biomechanics in an adverse way.  Supportive shoes and custom orthotics are part of the conservative treatment of plantar fasciitis.

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