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A video gait analysis offers an insight into how your body functions while walking or running.  A video gait analysis is a comprehenisive visual tool used to illustrate any noticeable inefficiencies in their gait pattern and how an orthotic device combined with good shoes can help you get back on track.  This is done by comparing two videos recorded and played back from a posterior view of the patient while walking/running on the treadmill at the same speed for both recordings.  Comparisons can be made at different speeds and by changing the shoe and/or orthotic worn.

For instance, one video will capture the patient running in their shoes without orthotics, and the second video might capture them wearing the orthotics.  Both vidoes can be played back in sync to look at their general gait pattern, looking specifically at the contact, midstance and propulsion phases of the gait cycle.

Additionally, a video gait analysis assists in knowing what type of shoes would be the best for your foot type, biomechanics and activity level.  As an example most running shoes can fit into one of three categories: Motion control, stability or neutral. If you over-pronate, a motion control shoe might be the most appropriate shoe type since it inhibits excess motion. If you over- supinate, a neutral cushioned running shoe would be the favorable choice, since it provides more cushion and shock absorption. And if you are a neutral runner, a stability shoe might be the practical choice since this type of shoes combine some control and cushion.

Over-pronation and over-supination can contribute to injuries like illiotibial band syndrome, achilles tendonitis and knee pain.  The hip, knee, ankle and subtalar joints are key players in the gait cycle, and these joints are usually where compensation or inefficiency in the gait cycle manifests itself. But since over-pronation and over-supination mostly occurs in the subtalar joint of the foot, wearing the correct footwear is vital in correcting improper motion in these joints.

A complete video gait analysis in most instances takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is advised that you bring your current shoes (running, walking) to be used for the video gait analysis.  This will be the best way to test the orthotic device in your current shoes for fit and also to determine if your current shoes is adequate based on the level of support and/or cushioning it provides.

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