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Foot Companion Custom Orthotics are designed with one thing in mind, to improve one's health and lifestyle.  We understand how important and life changing custom orthotics can be, especially for individuals with diabeties and arthritis. Our orthotics are designed to meet the specific needs of each patient, so that they are able to wear their orthotics everyday with ease, comfort and peace of mind.

Foot Companion orthotics are designed to meet the rigors of daily wear, whether it be training for a marathon, attending a graduation, walking the dog, taking the kids to school, running to catch the bus, attending a business meeting or working 10 hour days. Foot Companion Custom Orthotics are designed Moms, Dads, Teachers, Students, Professionals, Athletes, the Elderly, or anyone else who suffer from foot ailments or pain.

Foot Companion custom orthotics are fabricated using a prescription from a practitioner.  If you have any questions about our custom orthotics or if you are a Practitioner and you would like to order custom orthotics for your patients, please call Customer Service, toll free at 540-904-7823 or email us at  

Casual Orthotic

Foot Companion Casual Orthotics provide all day support and comfort.

Diabetic Orthotic

Diabetic Orthotic designed for Cushioning and Comfort

Pediatric Orthotic

Foot Companion Pediatric Orthotic are designed with the active youth in mind.

Sport Orthotic

Sport Orthotics that provide support, cushion and durability for multiple sports.

Dress Orthotic

Dress Orthotic that provide all day comfort and support.

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Standard Custom Sport Orthotics

Features Full Length 1/8" Purple Spenco Top Covers

Full Length Premium Sports Orthotic

Full Length Brushed Synthetic Suede Top Cover - Provides superior comfort

Dress Orthotic Standard

Metatarsal Length featuring Vinyl Top Covers.

Custom Diabetic Orthotic Standard

Custom Diabetic Orthotic featuring Spenco Top Covers

Casual Custom Orthotic Standard

Features Full Length Vinyl Top Covers

Premium Custom Dress Orthotic

Metatarsal Length Premium Orthotic

Sports Orthotics Ultimate

Full Length Bamboolon Top Cover - Provides excellent breathability.

Pediatric Orthotic Premium

Provides Stability and Rearfoot Control

Casual Orthotic Premium

Features Brushed Synthetic Suede - For all day comfort

Dress Orthotic Ultimate

Metatarsal Length featuring a thin low profile shell

Diabetic Orthotic Premium

Custom Diabetic Orthotic featuring Plastazote Top Covers

Sport Orthotic Standard - Vinyl Top Covers

Features Full Length Navy Vinyl Top Covers

Sport Orthotic Standard - Blue Spenco

Features Full Length 1/8" Blue Spenco Top Covers